We promised….

We promised you recipes and you got them!  Check out these wonderful recipes:


Simple Scone

Donut Holes with Jam

Jam Cookies



We are also starting a recycling program.  It is simple, just bring us back your empty jar and we give you $.50 on your next jar of jam (for each jar you bring back we will give you $.50 or $.25 for the chicklet size.

Ho! Ho! Ho! We are taking orders for Christmas!!  I know it is hard to believe that we are thinking about Christmas in August but we are.  So many of our jams are seasonal so if there is a particular flavor you would like to give away as holiday gifts or include in a basket just let us know.  We can make the jam while the fruit is here.  We do IQF (individual quick freeze) some of our fruit but we love to make our jam from fruit that has just been picked.  We are currently making jams for many of our clients so let us add your order to the mix.  Just email us and let us know what you would like and in what size. We are really excited to offer some beautiful gift bags with our Jams and Rubs for the holidays.  They are beautiful and reusable!   We also will be putting together some holiday baskets too.