Who are the 3 French Hens?

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We are culinarians using traditional methods of preserving. Using Local grown fruit allowing the fullest flavors in the fruit to develop. It is then hand-cut and stove-top cooked in small batches with the addition of  half of the amount of pure cane sugar and natural pectin. Capturing these tastes is the craft of our business.


One taste of these jams and jellies and you’ll know why they’re so popular. Each variety is measured and hand stirred in small batches to assure a delicious  quality product. It’s just food in a jar.
All of our fruit is grown locally in Brentwood.


Who are the 3 French Hens? We are friends, first and foremost. Our names are Minda Motta, and Julie Deck. We live in east of San Francisco in the cities of Brentwood and Discovery Bay, also known as the Delta Valley. Our community is primarily agricultural with farms growing every kind of fruit and vegetable imaginable.

We met each other doing some volunteer work and realized that we all had a love for anything culinary and crafty. Minda is a professional chef and Julie attended culinary school. We all love making things. We are all interested in crafts an make several different craft items but we discovered our true love is making food, especially jams and jellies. After tasting some of Minda’s pomegranate Jelly (family recipe from way back) and Karen’s variety of Jams, we decided to start our business called the 3 French Hens.

Our jams and jellies are made in a commercial kitchen and we follow the rules and guidelines of the USDA. We all carry ServeSafe certifications. We “value add” to the farmers in our area with their fruits. Because we live in such a wonderful agricultural area we decided we wanted to use local, organic (when we can get it) fruits and vegetables to make our products. We want to support our local farmers and give back to our community by utilizing the products and services that are in our neighborhoods.

Just remember you can also buy our Jams, Jellies, Rubs and Spices on our website and at the following stores in Brentwood:

  • Brentwood Farmers Market – Brentwood
  • Brentwood Fine Meats – Brentwood
  • Berry Best Farms – Brentwood
  • Crooked Vine Winery – Livermore
  • Outside In – Livermore
  • All Inked Up Books – Brentwood
  • Farmers Daughter – Brentwood
  • Gursky Ranch – Brentwood
  • McCauley Olive Groves – Brentwood
  • D’Art Winery – Lodi

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Julie and Minda
3 French Hens

We hope you enjoy our Jams, Jellies, Rubs and Spices as much as we do. Enjoy!